Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the questions we hear most often about our company and our products, along with our answers to them. If you didn’t find an answer to your question, feel free to or email us at [email protected] call us at 1-800-527-7532.

  • Many of our apples come from our family’s own orchards in Missouri and California. We also source apples from other orchards besides the ones we own, and those orchards are located in Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California.

  • We use Johnathan and Granny Smith apples. These varieties have a crisp, tart flavor to counterpoint the sweetness of their caramel coating. Because Johnathan apples grow better in Missouri, we primarily use those in our Missouri production facility. In California, we’ll primarily use Granny Smiths for the same reason.

  • Yes, we do! You could order them online when seasonally available or ask your local grocer to stock them.

  • None of our recipes calls for wheat or other ingredients containing gluten. Furthermore, to date, no gluten-containing product has been produced in our production facilities, so there’s no reason to worry about any kind of cross-contamination.

  • Even though your apples are covered with caramel and/or other toppings, they are still fresh produce, so the best way to store them is in your refrigerator. Once cold, the caramel tends to get stiff, so some people like to set their apples out at room temperature a short while before eating.

  • Our caramel apples are best enjoyed soon after received. While it depends on the type of apple used, generally, if refrigerated, caramel apples will last about two weeks.