Caramel Apples

Happy Apples Caramel Apples are second to none. Finished by Nature and fresh picked from our very own orchards, Happy Apples are hand selected for the perfect size and quality then dipped in our own secret recipe caramel and rolled in crunchy, roasted peanuts.

What a treat! Covered in caramel from top to bottom!

Candy Apple
Kids and grownups alike love that perfect combination of sweet caramel, juicy apple and crunchy peanuts to satisfy the craving. Each variety is produced from the same quality apples that we grow. 

• Caramel Apple rolled in crunchy peanuts

• Cinnamon Flavored Caramel Apples in crunchy peanuts
• Happy Wacky Apple (sprinkles in place of peanuts)

• Plain Caramel Apples without peanuts
• Select Caramel Apple with three types of chocolate and peanuts

The perfect Halloween party treat! Ever been stuck trying to find just the right thing to give away at a party or get together? What can you give that is always guaranteed to bring a smile to their face? Caramel Apples are the perfect answer! Inexpensive and a great value. Nothing else quite delivers that same level of satisfaction as knowing you gave away smiles without emptying your pocketbook.
A unique gift for:

• Parties
• Celebrations
• Anniversaries
• Weddings
• Corporate Events

What other occasions can you think of that caramel apples make the perfect gift? Send us your ideas so we can share them with others!

At Happy Apples, we realize that our success depends on your satisfaction.  That is why we are constantly improving our systems to insure only the best quality caramel apples carry the Happy Apples name. Happy Apples is the name in quality caramel apples.  We are proud of our reputation for providing the highest quality caramel apples in America by using only top selected apples and the finest ingredients.

Outstanding Ingredients – Quality – Pride
The perfect recipe for the perfect caramel apple!

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Happy Apples